asian barista holding tabblet sign we’re open for takeaway orders only infront of distancing concept when coronavirus is outbreak in city

At this point who is counting what day of quarantine it is? As you’re staying at home to flatten the curve we want to give you the best meals ever at this difficult time. You deserve nothing but the best at a time like this! Being located right on Boston’s Waterfront gives you a beautiful view for curbside pickup. Even though we can’t dine in at our beloved Strega Waterfront doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spoil our appetites. Take out at a time like this is the way to go. Let someone us handle your meals.


What Should You Get?


The Strega Meatball


Stick to the classics, and you can’t ever go wrong.  We know can’t get enough these.  Rember the jumbo, cheesy, and tender meatball topped with homemade Pomodoro sauce? Bring on it home! These meatballs deserve all the recognition.  Even though its takeout it doesn’t mean its lost its delicious taste and beautiful presentation. The complete dish also includes wild mushrooms, parmesan, and whipped ricotta. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with this at home for dinner.


Shrimp Scampi  


Not up for a heavy filet? Shrimp scampi is the real ticket to the greatest excuse to bask in the comforts of shrimp, garlic, wine, and butter. It is the simplest of quarantine meals, with the most indulgent payoff. Bring traditional Shrimp Scampi, it is everyone’s all-time favorite.


Chicken Parmesan


Do no parm with chicken parmesan. Who doesn’t love breaded chicken Parmigiana style, mozzarella, fusilli, and pomodoro sauce?  Do what makes your body and mind feel good and order that Chicken Parmesan. Give your family a reason to celebrate while social distancing.


Mac & Cheese


Mac and cheese dish is perfect for a weeknight meal when you want something comforting and familiar. Have yourself a delicious familiar homey dish upgrade by having our kitchen make it for you!

Chocolate Mousse


Between the dreary weather and drearier news, we’re all looking for comfort wherever we can. What says comfort like chocolate.  While hugs and physical contact are discouraged, curling up with chocolate mousse! You may have had Chocolate Mousse before but you haven’t had Strega Waterfronts. So tonight order yourself  some chocolate mousse that is perfectly creamy, thick but not too thick chocolate mousse that you will LOVE!


We’re Practicing Social Distancing!


We are taking steps to help limit in-person contact. For curbside pickup, please enter your car type and license plate number in the notes section of your order. We look forward to serving you. For delivery try a no contact delivery! Take the steps to help limit in-person contact. No contact allows you to designate where the food should be left.



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