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Can you believe it is almost August? It seems like the summer just started! Simplicity sounds so easy, but when your year has been quite complicated and different it sounds completely out of reach. We all have an immense love for food. The only thing better than a good food? When something’s so easy to make, maybe easy enough to make with your eyes closed.


Caesar Insalata 


Is Caesar salad a vegetable? It’s the most beloved genre of salad out there, so lettuce run with it. Everyone in America has at least one Caesar salad. The clean crunch of romaine lettuce, the serious hit of flavor from the dressing, the burnished golden brown of a ciabatta crouton.With a balance of all the flavors that make a dish desirable — fatty, rich, salty, sour, crunchy, and light — it is as simple as it gets. There are so few ingredients in a Caesar salad baby gem lettuce, parmesan,  and ciabatta croutons. Simply take the template of Parmesan + creamy dressing + croutons and drape it over baby gem lettuce and it suddenly it becomes trendy and modern.



This seems almost too simple to mention, but it is such a perfect dish, and a good solution to a high-summer extravagance.When making such a seemingly simple dish, good ingredients are key as their flavor will be more pronounced. Fettuccine with its ribbons of pasta coasted in a luxurious traditional Bolognese, is the very definition of decadent comfort. The sauce is made tomato-based meat sauce made with garlic and onion kept full flavored with plenty of real authentic taste.


Fried Chicken Sandwich


A big hunk of meat, cucumber slaw, basil aioli, and frites. The switch is the cucumber slaw. Everyone is always looking for the best chicken sandwich. Quick and easy ones to keep it simple, but also just the most delicious chicken sandwich the kind that you want to eat over and over. Biting into a shatteringly crisp fried coating that gives way to juicy tender chicken is truly one of the greatest culinary pleasures. As beloved as it is, fried chicken is one of those meals that many people are afraid to eat because of guilt.


Strega Burger


Say goodbye to the dry, boring, overcooked burgers. Burgers are quintessential summer fare.We don’t hold any bias towards burgers — they can come in all sorts of forms. Who isn’t going to happily eat it. The patty alone on this burger is enough to satisfy most anyone in terms of flavor but loaded up with lettuce, tomato jam, gorgonzola aioli,  anad parmesan frites.


Ease your stress with all that is going on with the world today. Leave the cooking up to Strega Waterfront! Make a reservation today!

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