Two champagne glasses with pink champagne on party with berries and shine background

Move over boring glass of champagne! Let’s change it up when setting the mood! At Strega Waterfront our cocktails are pretty poised to spark some passion on your night out!

Winter-Thyme Spritz


Our Winter-Thyme Spritz s a winning combination of sweet and sour. Our spritz perfectly complements our indulgent menu and promises to satisfy all tastes. Our favorite part of the cocktail is the thyme infuse Aperol.

The Silviano


If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy cocktail this Silvano is it. This brightly colored cocktail is crafted with fresh-pressed lemon, Blueberry Vodka, Pomegranate Liqueur, and Elderflower Liqueur.

Bad Apple


This cocktail is served straight up with Reposado Tequila. Strega Waterfront pulls together the crisp apple flavor with apple cider, cinnamon simple, and fresh lime to create a refreshingly intense drink to accompany your evening of love.

Fall Espresso Martini


Our Fall Espresso Martini is sure to delight your bae! Not to mention it’s loaded with pumpkin vodka, Kahlua, bailey’s, and fresh espresso to really help ignite the fire and passion!


Impear’d Judgement


Our Impear’d Judgement is our take on this classic is a great introduction to gin. Unlike its name, this cocktail is smooth, sultry, and sure to set the mood for the evening. The bitterness of the pear juice is perfectly balanced by a flavorsome Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur.

Jeremy’s Old Fashioned

The most classic cocktail gets a rum update made sweeter with bourbon, cinnamon simple, and vanilla bitters. Good cinnamon flavor, with alcohol.


At Strega Waterfront we have the perfect ambiance for nurturing romance. Make your dinner reservations, and leave the worrying over dinner to us. The expectations are high when you are out for a romantic evening. A drink off our Strega Waterfront cocktail menu will help take the edge off. Even better? Our several themed drink options will embody all that gooey stuff you and your date want to tell each other. After all, it’s pretty nice to be loved and to love in return. To celebrate your romance, whether it’s well-worn or just blossoming, we’ve got some of the best romantic drinking options. Call up bae for a night out at Strega Waterfront—trust us, they’ll be very impressed. We have classics and veer into more complicated thematic cocktails as well. Put on your charm and we’ll see you at dinner. Visit us any weeknight or weekend we’ll serve you and bae the best romantic cocktails in Seaport.

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