prosciutto wrapped shrimp

In Italian dinners and formal eating situations, there is no checking the clock or a watch. The experience takes its time, allowing everyone to fully embrace the food in front of them. This means starting with an appetizer, or an antipasto. An important part of an Italian meal, whether it be a light lunch with smaller courses or a heartier dinner with full-bodied entrees around every corner. When it comes to appetizers, these are the most popular dishes for sharing at the table to start a very memorable evening off right.

Fried Calamari

It’s hard to talk about Italian appetizers without starting with fried calamari. The variation of this delicacy is found in almost all seafood-centric areas of the world. The calamari is lightly battered and fried it to a golden crisp. To complement the unique flavor, enjoy pepperoncini, lemon, garlic aioli accents, and an arrabbiata dipping sauce.

House Antipasto

In a traditional Italian meal, every formal food event starts with an antipasto, meaning the first course. Our antipasto comes with Italian capicola, prosciutto di parma, soppressata, pecorino Sardo, grilled artichoke, and roasted peppers. To get the evening started, it’s a great way to prepare your palate for all the flavors to come.

Lobster Arancini

An Italian street-food classic really gets a unique and elegant twist with our special lobster filling. and is perfect to start an evening of delicious Italian flavor is served with arborio rice, spring peas, and a spicy aioli sauce.

Scallops Grand Marinier

Perfectly seared scallops are hard to beat, whether it’s an entree or appetizer. In this starter dish, deep-sea scallops are sautéed with grand marnier reduction sauce. The flavors of the orange and buttery zest become slightly syrupy during preparation. This makes each scallop thick with flavor and juices, and often lead to reaching for more.

Shrimp and Pineapple

People debate whether or not pineapple should go on pizza, but nobody thinks twice about pairing shrimp and pineapple once they’ve tasted it. With grilled jumbo shrimp, wrapped with prosciutto di parma, a balsamic glaze, and grilled pineapples, the light flavors of everything in this appetizer work so well together you might need to order two for the table.

Come for lunch or dinner to Strega Waterfront – Seaport’s best-renowned Italian restaurant to enjoy these amazing appetizers, all in view of the water right outside the window. 

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