zuppa di pesce

For seafood lovers, eating another seafood dish comes as second nature, but for others, they don’t drift towards the oceanic cuisine as quickly. Seafood is a delicious option rather you’re eating out or at home, but did you know that it’s actually very good for you as well? The health benefits of seafood are actually pretty impressive, let’s take a look! 

Low Fat

Seafood is lower in fat than any other meat, including chicken. With an average of less than 2% fat, it’s no wonder that people looking to stay slim gravitate towards this meal option. The low-fat content means no trimming away fat before cooking either, making the cooking process quick and easy. 

Low Cholesterol 

High cholesterol levels are directly associated with an increased risk of heart disease. Not only does fish feature a low-fat content, but a low cholesterol content as well. In fact, eating seafood 2-3 times each week can actually help to lower your overall cholesterol and lower your risk of developing heart disease. 

High Protein 

Seafood provides a great source of protein. The protein content is comparable to chicken or beef, but as we mentioned, the fat is a lot less. Since this is a very lean form of protein, it’s preferred by doctors and nutritionists alike. 

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals 

Seafood is very rich in vitamins and minerals that our bodies crave. Vitamin B is especially high, as well as zinc, potassium, and iodine. Our bodies need these vitamins and minerals but are unable to produce them independently, so they have to come from the food we eat. The same goes for omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to the function of our heart, brain, and many other vital organs. Seafood contains one of the highest omega 3 fatty acid contents out of any food. Other types of meat and eggs contain the same omega 3 fatty acids but in a much lower amount. 

If you want to expand your seafood horizons and try new foods prepared in a delicious way, make a reservation at Strega Waterfront. From locally sourced oysters to every type of fish you can imagine, our menu is sure to have something for everyone. We offer both appetizers and entrees that include seafood, so the choice is yours! Call today to book a reservation or check out more of our menu details online. 

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