Glasses of rose wine seen during a friendly party of a celebration.

You’re healthy. You’re safe. You still have jobs or job is opened up again. Everyone is pretty happy. And for that, you should be grateful. Sure you give yourself spur-of-the-moment summer plans. While we wish this summer was like the summers before you’ve learned how to live a simplified lifestyle and now make it a simplified summer. We all have summer traditions we grew up with, and memories we want to pass on and keep going. The big bummer is when responsibility and other commitments get in the way and our favorite traditions get passed over for the requests and desires of others but answer this request keep it easy in the kitchen this summer.


Caesar Insalata

The ubiquitous blend of baby gem lettuces, made from parmesan and ciabatta croutons. As you ditch the warm and comforting casseroles leave room for the crispy fresh produce. A classic Caesar salad hits all the right notes, with its crisp greens and crunchy croutons.


Classic Arugula Insalata 

This salad may be simple, but it’s wonderfully pretty and full of flavor. If you’re looking for a bright green salad loaded with fresh flavor, then look no further. Arugula is topped with parmesan, toasted pine nuts, heirloom tomatoes, and lemon vinaigrette.



Salmon should be on regular on your weeknight dinner roster. Because it’s a healthy option with a quick cook time, it’s perfect for those who meal prep. After a long day at work, nobody wants to spend their entire evening cooking dinner and washing dishes. Enjoy the beauty of salmon white balsamic vinaigrette, arugula, pistachio pesto, and our seasonal salad.


Chilean Sea Bass

Sea bass is a mildly sweet flavor that pairs well with roasted tomato risotto, whipped mascarpone, and lobster reduction.

Lobster Gnocchi

Pasta transforms within the seasons.  Take on the burst of flavors, guanciale, roasted corn, sherry, and lobster butter. Stay outside and eat it al fresco, paired with a glass of rosé and a pretty summer sunset.


We are so happy to have opened our doors up again. Leave summer dinners up to our chefs and stop on by for dinner. Reservations are highly encouraged. Reserve today! 

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