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Any pasta lover knows that pasta dishes are typically served with either a white or red sauce, but do you know what the differences between the two are? Understanding the differences between a white and red sauce will help you learn which sauce goes best with which type of dish, as well as what sauce appeals most to your individual taste. At Strega Waterfront we aim to find a dish that every guest will love, but it’s much easier to do that when you know which kind of sauce you prefer. Let’s take a closer look at some of the core differences between white and red pasta sauces.

White Sauce Pasta Dishes

White sauce is typically much creamier than red sauce. This creamy texture can be credited to the main ingredients: cream, milk, flour, and cheeses. White sauces are typically much thicker than red sauces, so they’re usually served with leaner meats such as chicken or shrimp. The thickness of this sauce does come with a much higher calorie count, but the flavor and irresistibly creamy texture makes it worth it. Most people don’t order pasta for the health value, but if you’re worried about the high-calorie count, at least you know the milk and cheese gives this sauce a high protein and calcium content! White sauce is best served with long and skinny pasta or shell pasta.

Red Sauce Pasta Dishes

Red sauces are often thought of as the more traditional Italian sauce thanks to their spicy tomato filled flavor. The main ingredients used in every red sauce include tomatoes, red chili peppers, garlic, and olive oil. There are many variations of the classic red Italian sauce that feature a variety of ingredients, but they all hold a similar texture from the tomatoes. This sauce is healthier than white sauces, so it may be served with heartier meats including steak and veal. The best pasta to serve with a red sauce includes long ribbon pasta and tube pasta, such as penne and rigatoni.

At Strega Waterfront, we have a large variety of pasta dishes to choose from. We serve excellent white and red sauces, depending on the dish of course. Our servers can help you decide which of our large variety of wines will best compliment the sauce and meat featured in the dish of your choice.

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