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Strega Greetings from quarantine.  Social distancing has closed our favorite spots, just at the time when we all could really use a stiff drink.  For most of us, when we want a martini, sweet Manhattan or even an ice-cold daiquiri is shaken to within an inch of its life, got us all missing our favorite Strega Waterfronts bartenders. Since our beloved Strega Waterfront has closed its doors for the safety all of us, you’re going to have to learn how to make it work yourself.

It’s All About The Classics


The Martini

If you can make a martini, you can make anything. All you need is gin, ice, and dry vermouth. The most important part of your martini is that it’s as cold as possible. A martini is a highly personal drink. Some of you might prefer them bone-dry, which means a whisper of vermouth or some like a wet martini, which means more vermouth and less gin. Or you could have a very wet martini with a good slug of olive brine. Play around with the measurements until you find the combination that works best for you. And if you make too much, you can always bottle the leftovers and pop it in the fridge for later.


Martini Variations


This is where you can have fun. Once you start with a classic martini down, you can turn it into just about anything. Try our Strega classic with a Fall Espresso Martini. Replace the dry vermouth with pumpkin vodka, Kalua, Bailey’s, fresh espresso.


The Manhattan

The perfect storm of dark, rich sweetness stirred down into aromatic dryness that can be enjoyed on the rocks or straight. This drink is a matter of personal taste. The more you make your own drinks, the more you’ll come to be more familiar with and trust your own palate. Fill a mixing glass with ice. Measure out rye whiskey, Averna, Black Walnut ingredients, and stir down until the ice frosts up the glass. Strain, and serve “up” in a cocktail glass, or over ice in a rocks glass. Before you know you will have our a Manhattan Nero in your hand.


Manhattan variations


Some of the best drinks are Manhattan variations. Everyone loves the old-fashioned. Rye’s are known for being spicy and edgier. Don’t forget to top it off with your Luxardo cherries.


Types of Alcohol You Need at Home



Gin is a staple for several’s types of cocktails key ingredient. A lot of classic cocktails such as martini and Negroni have gin on them. Gin is so versatile that it instantly adds a wonderful flavor and aroma to most cocktails.



Vodka is a versatile spirit  that should always be in your home bar. Vodka mixes well into a cocktail. Its clear liquid and mild flavor and aroma is perfect for mixing liquor, such as in classic drinks like Cosmopolitans and Bloody Marys.Summer time is around the corner and vodka makes for the best summer time drinks.



Tequila represents happy days, a drink that’s perfect for chillin’ and basking in the sunshine. Summertime, of course, conjures up warm memories of the beach, sand, and a refreshing glass of tequila filled drink.



During our time of social distancing  we can be grateful for the experiences we are able to have, such as being with loved ones making drinks at home. We can cherish any new opportunities that come from our new circumstances, while still missing a past life that will once happen again. We miss you and you will be drinking at Strega Waterfront before you know it.




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